The Science Behind Epoxy Flooring and Its Uses

If you’re interested in purchasing epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE, you may not be entirely sure what the coating actually is. Even if you have not researched the details of epoxy coatings before, you more than likely have seen them on floors or surfaces. Before investing in epoxy for your own use, you’ll want to know a little background information about this versatile product.

Epoxy itself comes in different forms for use. It can be a plastic or paint, as well as an adhesive or other materials. The epoxy is specifically named for a group of synthetic substances that will set in place permanently by use of a heat source. For example, the epoxy that you would use on your garage floor is a combination of a hardener and a resin. Once the compounds are mixed together, they can bond tightly to the floor through a chemical reaction. The result is a garage floor with an improved appearance and resistance to damage.

The durability of epoxy coatings is evident in the applications for the product. Many commercial properties or manufacturing facilities use epoxy to coat floors and reduce expenses from upkeep or repair. A typical epoxy application can last for years at a time, even with constant traffic across the surface and impact from heavy objects. Floor coating in particular adheres best to a surface that is smooth and porous. An ideal example is the concrete material used to create most garage or industrial floors.

Epoxy flooring is applied after the surface of the floor has been treated to ensure its smoothness. The floor is thoroughly cleaned and prepared by removing unwanted debris and more frustrating contaminants like oil and grease. When the epoxy is put onto the floor, it is typically done in multiple layers. You can potentially save money when only a single layer is used, but the floor will be much more slippery. This could work in your garage based on your needs, but the commercial or industrial setting warrants a non-slip surface.

There are many practical uses for the coating, but you might wonder if it is something you actually benefit from. The bottom line is that, even for a small project, epoxy flooring adds value to your garage and your home in general. You’ll gain value from the coating simply because it can protect your floor from various types of damage. The floor coating lasts for years and requires little upkeep to stay clean. It also comes in handy if you decide to convert the garage into another living space. The uses for the product are numerous.

Epoxy flooring and its versatility makes it a recommended choice for any homeowner. If you use your garage for any purpose, adding an epoxy coating can help keep the space looking new. It is a smart home improvement option that is not hard on your wallet. In addition, a coated garage floor just looks great. You will truly see the value when you can step into your garage and admire the view.