The Smart Option for Garage Flooring in Chicago

When it comes to sprucing up your home, it’s true that not many people immediately consider their garage floor as needing attention. But consider the types of deterioration your concrete garage floor can experience if left untreated for a long time. Normal wear and tear from your vehicles can cause your floor to crack or become pitted over large areas. This weakens the integrity of the floor and certainly doesn’t look very appealing.

If you’re already acquainted with this type of decay in your garage floor, you may want to start researching the best way to fix things up, and residents of northeast Illinois are in luck. If you need quality garage flooring in Chicago, Floorguard, located in nearby Aurora, might be the way to go. Floorguard® is a premium-quality concrete floor system that uses multiple coats of concrete and bonding to produce a seamless and attractive finished floor.

Installing Floorguard® flooring in your garage requires several steps. First, Floorguard’s installation professionals use a Shot Blast Machine to remove a layer of your existing concrete floor. This is done to ensure no contaminants will be buried deep in your finished flooring. Next comes the bond coat, which fuses inextricably to the flooring’s concrete base. The media layer follows, providing a solid base for the flooring’s final layer, the encapsulation coat. This layer is a sleek, attractive finish designed to resist chemical corrosion and ultraviolet light.

The care and attention Floorguard puts into its flooring has made it a popular choice for garage flooring in the Chicago area. Call (855) 988-4713 for more information.