The Steps to a Garage Floor Epoxy

Applying an epoxy to your garage floor has many important steps.

Naturally the first step will be to clean the floor of all debris leaving nothing but a clean as possible garage floor. The next thing will be to etch or rough the surface of the garage floor with an acid normally used is muriatic acid to remove all suffice elements and to etch the flooring enough to allow the garage floor epoxy to grip the floor and hold. If the floor is too smooth the epoxy will not bond to the floor.

Even the epoxy does not seal properly, there is a very good chance the epoxy can simply be lifted off of the floor of the garage when a car comes in off the road while the tires are still hot. They can actually grip the epoxy and just lift it right off the floor. To apply the muriatic acid just pour directly on the floor and push it around with a squeegee or a push broom or use a typical garden weed and feed spray bottle to apply the acid to the floor. Note, make sure there is plenty of ventilation and a good cross breeze and do not breathe in any of the acid fumes. Always read data labels and observe all softies and warnings.

When applying muriatic acid, always wear your safety equipment such as a respirator, goggles, rubber boots and gloves. Avoid getting it on your person. Make sure you have a water hose connected and ready to use in case of an emergency. The acid will turn yellow when first applied and once the yellow is gone it is then time to rinse off the floor. After the floor is rinsed and allowed to thoroughly dry, it is now time to apply the epoxy. You can use a pressure washer, but it is not always necessary.

Apply the garage floor epoxy is a rather simply process. The hardest part is the prep-work. Once you are done prepping the floor you are ready to apply the color you prefer because epoxy can come in a variety of colors. To spread the epoxy all you need is a paintbrush and a paint roller. The brush is to get into the tight corners and the roller is to apply the epoxy to the main section of the floor.

Most epoxies have to be mixed, but this is easy enough since they are usually only a two part solution. Simply mix part-a to part-b and apply. It is just that easy. So as stated before, the hardest part to applying epoxy to any floor is the prep-work.
Some epoxies come with little decorative sprinkles to add a little character to the finished product.

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