The Three Main Types of Epoxy

Whenever you are thinking of changing the flooring system in any part of the house, you should definitely consider installing epoxy flooring. This is because epoxy is seamless and it does not give bacteria or any other containment a place to multiply. This is why they are not just great in houses or as garage floor coverings, as they are also used in restaurants and any other food processing facilities. They are also commonly used at industrial settings due to their durability and resistance to chemical agents.

So the bottom of the line is that if you want a longer lasting and a sturdy flooring system for your garage or your kitchen, then epoxy is certainly the best way to go.  You can easily install it yourself using a DIY guide, or you can hire a professional epoxy installing company to do it for you, which is the more recommended option. This is because an epoxy flooring company will have the needed knowledge, skill and tools to correctly apply the epoxy.

There are plenty of epoxy types, and your decision should depend on how much traffic are you expecting, how often you plan to maintain the floor and finally, how much are you willing to pay. Here are some of the main types of epoxy that you can pick from.

Water Based Epoxy Paint

The water based epoxy paints are the cheapest option on the market. This is why it is among the popular choices for homeowners. On top of being cheap, it is quite easy to handle and apply, and it is also the least toxic epoxy out there. On the other hand, it is the least durable epoxy solution. It is great for simple home use but it is not the recommended option for industrial plants and facilities because it will not be able to withstand the heavy traffic.

So if you are a home owner looking for new a new flooring material for the garage, then epoxy garage floor paint is suitable for you, but you have to know that it will need annual maintenance and touch ups.

2-Part Solvent Based Epoxies

Solvent based epoxies are much stronger but they are more toxic. The two parts of the paint will be mixed together, and this has to be done carefully and you have to be cautious when applying it. This is why when it comes to solvent based epoxies, it is always better to hire a professional to do it for you, because they are not as user-friendly as epoxy paints.

2-part 100 Percent Solid Epoxies

This is the absolute best epoxy flooring type, it is strong, durable and can withstand heavy traffic. This is why it is commonly used at industrial plants and factories as well as hangars. This kind of epoxy is cured through a chemical process which gives it a beautiful, hard and a solid surface. It is 5 times thicker and stronger than water based paint. Some experts even claim that this type of epoxy is even stronger than the concrete underneath it.