Things to Know Before Applying your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring has many advantages that have made it one of the most popular flooring types in households and industrial facilities. So if you are contemplating whether to use epoxy in your house or not, here are some of the facts that you need to know about epoxy so you can make that decision.

Epoxy resins are the main material in the formula of epoxy coatings such as top coats, epoxy based primers and epoxy sealants. The resins is what makes it possible for the epoxy to perform as well as it does as protective coats, waterproofing layers, damage resistance paints, fire retardants as well as high quality floor finishes.

Due to the unique chemistry between the epoxide and the bisphenol A, the epoxy chemical material that is created is cross linked, even when exposed to amines. This is why the epoxy coating or flooring materials are resistant to water, air instruction, corrosive materials and chemicals.

There are plenty of specific flooring applications that need specific flooring systems, this is not the case with the epoxy coating or flooring system. This is because it can easily be applied to many types of flooring systems including concrete and steel among other surfaces. It is one of the few systems that can do that. This is why it is used in garages that have concrete floors as well as industrial plants and hangars that are made out of steel.

Epoxy flooring can protect the heavy duty floors perfectly. Due to its amazing features of epoxy, it is one of the most commonly used systems for heavy duty floors. This includes factories, hangers and other industrial facilities. They are also used in places that are always exposed to any damage inducing chemical agents. This is also why they are commonly used as garage floor coverings.

Epoxy-sulfide systems, Epoxy-amine systems and aliphatic epoxy systems are some of the common flooring systems that are created in tandem with the epoxy. These combinations can give the epoxy flooring unique features. For example, with amine, the epoxy will have a glossy appearance, fast curing time and better adhesion. Epoxy can also be combined with acrylics and alkyds for more unique characteristics.

There are plenty of epoxy coatings that have special pigments that will expand very fast whenever they are exposed to heat. Such expansion succeeds in creating a very thick layer of protection that can last for quite a while so people can have time put the fire out. This can become of great use in industrial plants so the workers can have time to put the fire out or exit the facility.

Epoxy coatings have an impressive adhesive capability that is equal 1.5k pounds of adhesive power for every square inch of flooring. This means that the flooring will be able to remain intact and last for long periods of time even when exposed to heavy loads on a regular basis.

Armed with this knowledge, it is clear that epoxy floors are strong, reliable and can withstand whatever you throw at it.