Things to Know before Using Epoxy Floor Coating Barrington

Things to Know before Using Epoxy Floor Coating Barrington

Epoxy flooring Barrington is one of the most powerful and resistant flooring types on the market. This kind of flooring is applied through many layers of long lasting and tough coating that is called epoxy, this is why it is entitled Epoxy Flooring. The epoxy material is used to create durable, clean and sparkling flooring that can be used in commercial buildings, industrial plantations and even in homes. Apart from being used as a floor coating, it can also be used in order to protect the paint on the floor from oil and grease as well as other substances.

Before deciding if you should use epoxy coating on your flooring, it is important to know that not all flooring types can hold this kind of coating. This is why the condition of the flooring and its type has to be assessed before applying epoxy coating. This is because if the concrete is producing moisture, it can weaken the coating and the bond between the concrete and the coating.

It is also important to note that you should not use this kind of flooring if the current flooring was applied with any kind of concrete sealer. On the other hand, if you intend to apply epoxy flooring on a new slab, it is recommended to wait for at least one month before applying any coating to make sure that the concrete flooring is fully dry. In the case of any painted floors, it is best to remove that current paint before you apply the epoxy floor coating. The epoxy flooring should be applied in certain humidity levels and temperature; the air temperature should vary between sixty and ninety degrees while the temperate of the concrete has to be at least fifty-five degrees.

The quality of the outcome of the epoxy floor coating does not only depend on the quality of the material but the pre-work and the planning. The pre-work includes cleaning and degreasing the floors, oil stain removal, etching the floor using a mild acid, floor vacuuming, rinsing and scrubbing. All of this will help the outcome be of high quality.

Floor cracks can also affect the process of applying the epoxy flooring, if there is not any cracks, applying the first layer of the epoxy coating can start immediately. On the other hand, if there are any cracks, it is better to fill these cracks first before applying any epoxy layers. After applying that first layer, you should wait at least one day before applying the second layer.  Lastly, it is important to choose the type of epoxy wisely; this is because there are many epoxy types, so choosing the perfect one for your situation will enhance its performance.

If all of this is overwhelming and you feel like you can’t keep up, there is a pretty simple solution, you can hire someone who will help you do all of that. If you live in Downers Grove, you will find many epoxy floor coating Downers Grove firms that can help you get the job done perfectly. In fact, it is recommended to contact epoxy flooring Downers Grove companies as they have the needed tools and knowledge to apply the epoxy flooring perfectly.