Tips for Making Your Basement a Living Space, Part I

Basement Living Space with a Gray Couch and a Round Dining Room Table Set
Whether you need an extra living space for a family member or a rental, or just want to have a nice guest room for visitors, redesigning your basement is a great way to gain an extra room in your home. From installing epoxy floor coverings for concrete floors to updating insulation and more, here are a few ideas for making your basement a more livable space:

Inspect the space: Before beginning your renovation, have a professional inspection done to check for pests, rot, radon, and structural issues. You should also perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing and electrical systems before beginning. You don’t want to start building on top of an existing problem!

Upgrade the floors: Most basements have primitive concrete flooring that isn’t very attractive or welcoming. Update your basement floors by installing Floorguard epoxy floor coverings for concrete floors that keep out moisture, resist stains and damage, and look great. Add some throw rugs to go on top of key areas to add to the cozy feel.

Add insulation: Insulation is important both for controlling the temperature of the space, and for reducing noise.

These are just a few starting tips for renovating your basement space, check back for part II of this blog for more. And when you’re ready to get started, visit Floorguard.com to schedule your installation for epoxy floor coverings for concrete floors.