Top Choices for a DIY Garage Floor Finish

Regardless of using your garage space conventionally or unconventionally, you will need a finish that is water and wear resistant.  To keep your space functional, try:


Epoxy floor coating
A top choice for garage flooring is an epoxy coating– one of the most durable finishes that you can apply to your garage floor. It will protect and beautify your space. Epoxy is a compound that, when applied to your garage floor, acts as a paint and a sealant. The most affordable option, epoxy comes in a can like paint with many ways to customize the look.  Epoxy has a complicated installation process; do your research first!

Garage with Epoxy Floor Coating | Floorguard.com

Garage rolls
The easiest option to install, garage rolls are made of PVC and come in a large, rolled up form similar to carpet. You simply roll them out into the space and cut to fit the edges. Rolls come in a variety of color and pattern options, but there is no customization ability. Garage floor rolls are water resistant and you can clean them without worry of damage.


Garage tiles
Tiles are one of the most expensive options for your garage flooring, but they are very versatile. Garage tiles are not like indoor ceramic tiles- these are actually very easy to install. A popular DIY option, you can create your own design. Garage tiles can stand up to liquids, dirt, and vehicles. If any tiles become damaged, you can replace only those.

Now that you’re armed with the info, go have fun!