Top Flooring Options For Your Basement

Floor Level View of a Car Showroom with Epoxy Floors Looking for new flooring for your basement in Delaware? Floorguard is here to provide you with top flooring options! Flooring such as ceramic tile, rubber, laminate, and of course, epoxy, are great for basements due to their tolerance to moisture. This moisture can create mold and mildew which is extremely hazardous to breathe in and be around when you are down in the basement. Ceramic tile lays right on top of concrete. Moisture is no problem for ceramic tile unless there are cracks in the concrete below. Vinyl provides a cushioned underfoot and is usually affordable, however, you have to make sure the type of vinyl you choose is approved for basement use.

The best option for Delaware basement flooring is epoxy. This type of floor option provides a harder underfoot and is completely waterproof, for an affordable price. Epoxy flooring is easy to do and is extremely durable as well as long-lasting. And, as a bonus, epoxy comes in lots of color choices so you can create your vision for your basement’s look! Call Floorguard for more information on how we can transform your basement with epoxy flooring!