Types of Garage Epoxy Floor Choices Available to Consumers and Homeowners

A garage epoxy floor is a type of flooring that many people are now using for their garages. The flooring should have a minimum of 2 mm in thickness and can be connected to other areas of the garage. By using an epoxy floor, you are ultimately making your floors less slippery therefore making it safer for everyone in the garage. It can be used in an business or in your personal garage.

There are three different types of epoxy flooring and the type of flooring you want ultimately depends on what you are using the flooring for and how much wear and tear the areas will get. Here you can go over what types of epoxy floors there are.

The three types of epoxy are dissolvable epoxy, 100% solid epoxy and the waterborne epoxy. Each of these different classes of liquids are blended to be applied directly to your floors. This type of floor can be used in homes as well as a number of manufacturing businesses. This floor can be adaptable and is solid therefore improving a home’s floor.

The hard epoxy that is covering your floors, made up of a dissolvable which contains a number of concentrated measurements of mixes is applied to certain floor areas. This type of epoxy is made to be firm, has a dainty layer and is connected to your floor surfaces. There are drawbacks however of this type of floor. One drawback is that it can be ignited and when it is, it will release a vapor that can be breathed in.

The waterborne epoxy has a higher degree of resistant to it and can be used to cover metal surfaces and concrete surfaces. This type of epoxy can be mixed with other types of waterborne polymers. There are some people who do not like this type of flooring however as they see it to be more negative to the earth.

The 100% solid epoxy is the type of floor covering in this field that is much safer for the world and is much harder for people to apply. The consistency that is used for this type of flooring is coarser than your other types of epoxy and even though it is harder to apply, this is the type of floor people look to having installed in their homes or businesses.

The ideal reason people are investing these types of floors to their homes and business is due to the strong bond it holds as well as the ability to decrease the mess left behind from spills and stains. It is effectively the best slip safe flooring choice and is available in mostly any color choice. You can opt to have a clear epoxy floor or even slate or dim. If you want a color choice that you have been unable to find, there most likely is a hue available for you in garage epoxy floors. If you want your floors to be safer for everyone, have someone professionally install your new epoxy floors.