Understanding Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Understanding Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

If you are a homeowner or a business owner who have always been looking for a durable, easy to maintain, fantastic looking and a durable floor coating, then epoxy flooring Naperville is what you are looking for. Most people who have heard about epoxy floor coating believe that it can only be used commercially in gas stations or factories and they also have the misconception that such flooring is not decorative and that it is not suitable for home spaces. The truth is epoxy paint for garage floors is an amazing and a beautiful idea. It will not only provide the floor with the resistance it needs against hot tire marks and stains but it can also give your garage an extreme makeover.

The Definition of Epoxy Chicago Garage Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is a basically a flooring surface that consists of more than one epoxy layer. These layers are applied to the garage floor to a depth that has a minimum of 2 mm. The difference between an epoxy floor coating and an epoxy floor is only the depth of the layers of the epoxy. An epoxy floor has to have a 2 mm thickness at least. If an epoxy floor has less than 2 mm in thickness, it is referred to as an epoxy floor coating and not an epoxy floor.

The epoxy material itself that is used in the floor coating or flooring systems is made up of 2 main components. These components are hardeners and resins. These two components are mixed together where they react chemically in order to create a plastic rigid material. The end result is a material that is very strong and a material that is highly resistant to degradation among other things such as hot tire marks and a wide array of chemicals. Due to these powerful characteristics of epoxy flooring, it can be used in the most demanding and abusive industrial environments.

The Different kinds of Epoxy Flooring

Like any other material, there are several types that clients can choose from, these types include the following:

– Self-Dispersing Floors: It is a very powerful floor that can be used in areas that are subject to heavy use and high traffic.

– Self-Dispersing floors with Quartz Sand: It has the same characteristics of Self-Dispersing Floors but the quartz sand makes it anti slip.

-Self Leveling Floors: This type is very easy to maintain and clean. This is why it is most commonly used in dining rooms and kitchens.

– Mortar Floors: This is the strongest type of epoxy floor. It is also very useful for fixing cracks before putting any other type of epoxy flooring.

– Graveled Floors: It is the decorative type of epoxy floors and it also has anti slip characteristics.

– Epoxy Terrazzo Floors: This kind also falls under the decorative epoxy category and it is most commonly used in large areas.

– Epoxy Anti-Static Floors: This kind is commonly used in sensitive areas where a static presence is not welcomed.