Understanding the Epoxy Garage Floor

Finding the right solution for your garage floor can be extremely difficult, especially since there are so many different options available today. However, if you want a dependable, stain resistant, chemical resistant, solid solution for your garage floor, epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA is the best option for you.

Just like any other form of flooring, epoxy floors have their benefits and their drawbacks. You can install an epoxy floor yourself or hire a professional company to handle the installation for you. In order to determine whether epoxy floors will be beneficial in your situation you should evaluate the pros and cons of the material itself to see if it is a good fit for your garage.

Epoxy Floor Affordability

In comparison to other types of garage flooring, the cost of an epoxy floor can be extremely low. The material can be installed over other flooring types without any difficulty. The cost of installation is a lot lower than the cost of other types of flooring, but it is still costly initially. There are a number of advantages to epoxy flooring, and the first advantage is the low price associated with it.

Overall Resistance of Epoxy Floors

An epoxy floor will be very resistant to chemicals and other agents that are commonly found in a garage. Agents that are typically difficult to clean up off of standard garage floors are easy to clean up, including:

• Oil
• Transmission Fluid
• Gasoline
• Bleach
• Strong and corrosive chemicals

Because of this feature, spills that may damage other garage flooring types are easy to clean up without any permanent damage to your flooring.

Since there are contaminants commonly found in garages, you will be relieved to learn that an epoxy floor will be resistant to bacteria and germ contamination.

Durability of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are so highly valued because of how durable they are. They last longer than other flooring types. The only material that can outlast an epoxy floor is a concrete floor. Unlike epoxy, however; concrete stains if it is not properly sealed.

Since the best flooring company will recommend application of epoxy to be over a concrete floor, you can expect the flooring to be extremely durable and exceptionally stable.

Protection Provided by Epoxy Floors

An epoxy floor will protect the existing flooring underneath it. If it is installed over concrete, the cement will be protected from moisture, staining, grease marks, and cracking. Since the epoxy itself is resistant to staining, you will save a lot of money in maintaining it, and on cleaning it.

Overall Variety

If you want a material with great versatility and variety, epoxy floors truly fit that bill. You can purchase additional kits to create decorative floors that are more inviting. Since epoxy floors are elegant and shiny, incorporating patterns and designs is easy and fun. Since it is so economical, you can really have fun with the epoxy concept.

As you can see, the variety, protection, and affordability of epoxy flooring cannot be compared to any other flooring method. Even though the initial purchase and installation of an epoxy floor can be expensive, the material is durable enough to be worth the expense. Whether you choose to have a company install it, or you install it yourself, the investment will pay for itself over the lifetime of the floor.