Understanding What Epoxy It, Its benefits and How to Maintain it

Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a floor type that is not only durable and highly resistant, but also a great looking floor type that is easy to clean and maintain. If you are thinking of using epoxy floors in your garage or any other area around the house, then you will need to know what epoxy is, its advantages and how to take good care of it.

Epoxy is a chemical product that results from the chemical reaction between a resin, which is the epoxide, and a hardener, which is called polyamine. This chemical reaction results in the creation of a stiff plastic material that is resistant, strong and has a pretty powerful bond. When this chemical material is applied on the floor, it is going to look outstanding, sophisticated and bright. Due to its strength and its resistance against many things, it will increase the life of the floor. Also, you will not need to remove the old floor that is already there to apply epoxy, as a small coat of this material will make the floors look as good as new.

The Benefits of Using Epoxy Floors

Due to the longevity of epoxy, you will not have to keep re doing the floor time after time. This is because the epoxy coating layer is not affected by chemicals, stains, dirt or dust. So even if you happen to spill any viscous liquid, whether car oils or a chemical agent, you can easily clean it up in the matter of minutes by simply rinsing it with water and soap.

The epoxy is also quite powerful that no matter how hard you try to scratch it or treat it badly, it will never chip from its corners and no scratches will appear on it. This is why the epoxy is commonly used as garage floor coverings as garages usually suffer from heavy traffic, whether from the cars or the tools and equipment that we usually store there and of course, whenever we want one of these heavy tools, we just drag them from the garage. Any other kind of floor will be scratched and damaged, which is not the case with epoxy.

How to maintain Your Epoxy Garage Floor
Not because epoxy floors repel stains and dirt, then it means that they should not be maintained and cleaned. This is why whenever you see a stain on the floor, act quick and clean it, the epoxy will do the hard part of the job, as it will not allow it to seep into its pores, all what you have to do is wear rubber gloves and use a blade in order to gently scrap off these stains, always use the blade in a horizontal line.

After that, you can easily collect the debris of the stain with a piece of dry cloth or a sponge.