Unprotected garage floors are left prone to many stains

It is quite easy to stain concrete due to its porous nature. Concrete likes to soak up any liquid that has fallen, spilled, leaked, or splashed onto it. Teaching your teenager how to complete an oil change, your latest DIY project, or your toddler’s art phase may all contribute to your concrete being a multicolored mess. More often than not, your best solution to this problem is a new coating of epoxy applied to your garage’s stained concrete.

Although you can add epoxy to your honey-do list, it is best to talk to a professional about applying an epoxy coat for you. This is because epoxy requires a process that professionals know well. While completing the job, professionals also have a trained eye that can spot other damages and suggest repairs for those as well.

Unknown to many, your current garage floor will need to go through a preparation process before its new coat of epoxy. You must first empty your garage completely. This is one of the number one reasons people decide not to go through with an epoxy coating, however, it is entirely worth it! Next, a thorough pressure washing of your flooring is necessary to get rid of all dirt, debris, and dust prior to the epoxy application. It is also recommended to hire a professional for this job because believe it or not, too much water pressure can harm your current concrete.

If you don’t apply enough pressure, your floors will not be clean enough for the coating of epoxy. Stains can also be completely or slightly removed with a proper pressure washing, depending on the severity of the stain. This is another reason to make sure you have a professional pair of eyes overseeing this project. If a stain is not completely removed, it could possibly bleed through the epoxy coat causing it to not completely adhere to your concrete.

If you are calling a professional for an epoxy flooring in Philadelphia PA, it is most likely to help cover existing stains while simultaneously protecting your floors against future stains. Epoxy requires quite a few coats, and they are all applied for a different purpose. If even one layer of epoxy is not applied properly, it can ruin the whole project. This is another addition to the list of reasons to call in a professional for this type of job.

Making sure the epoxy is applied perfectly during each coat is essential because if it is not done properly, the epoxy will be prone to stains which eliminate the original purpose of the project. Again, it is highly recommended to contact a professional epoxy flooring service for this type of project to ensure the entire process is done properly start to finish. This will ensure you are happy with your new garage floor and will stay happy with your garage floors for many, many years.