Updating Your Garage Floor with a Beautiful Epoxy Finish

During remodeling and renovation, homeowners realize the floor suffers the most wear and tear. While we remedy that in our homes, the garage is overlooked. Floors in the garage suffer wear and tear consistently, and homeowners fail to fix garage floors until it’s too late. Take the first step toward garage care by updating the floor. Choose between pouring new concrete on top or coating existing floors.

Garage floors are concrete slabs. For garages mostly used for car storage, add a slope for water drainage from tires. Otherwise, create a level concrete slab. Include a drain for water drainage and easy cleanup. Prior to this project, ensure there are two inches of room available for pouring. A professional will tell you whether that’s possible. Additionally, allow the professional to pour the concrete.

The other preference is covering existing floors with coatings, tiles, and mats. Begin by cleaning the area of debris, dirt, and trash. Next, ensure all cracks, holes, chips, and scratches are fixed. Also, smooth out bumps and strip/sand down previous concrete seals. Then, apply the desired coating. The first choice is epoxy coatings.

The epoxy flooring West Chester PA service offers is a roll-on adhesive (using a paintbrush or roller). You or a professional can handle epoxy coatings, and it comes in a variety of colors and texture. With easy maintenance and stain-resistant material, coatings are the popular choice. The second choice is rubber mats.

The middle-of-the-road price option allows homeowners to stick the adhesive mats to the garage floor and cut the excess. Selecting tile is great for garages without cars. Similar to standard floor tile, it comes in many colors, textures, patterns, and designs. Select between hard plastic, soft plastic, or flexible rubber. Standard work areas, exercise rooms, and guest rooms use soft plastic or rubber. Hard plastic is for heavy-duty work. The cool part about these tiles is they interlock. Tiles connect to other tiles like a puzzle piece. Place the pieces on top of the concrete floor to cover imperfections. Mix and match colors, patterns, and designs for unique results.

The garage floor coatings West Chester PA service offers options along with floor protectors and paint. Floor protectors do what it supposed to while the paint on garage floors sound unusual. Standard paint on walls and ceilings aren’t for garages; concrete paint is, and homeowners should aim for that. Concrete paint is an inexpensive option for homeowners short on cash. Besides standard paint, masonry paint, latex paint, and concrete stain (for shine).

Mud, dirt, water, and grime from cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and shoes leave garage floors a mess. It takes the brunt of indoor and outdoor traffic, so it requires extra care. The garage floor coatings West Chester PA service offers options for renovating your garage floor to match your needs. No matter what you throw at these surfaces, they seem to soak up abuse rather than stains. There is even a variety of color choices available to match your needs, or design preferences. Take some pride in your garage and spend more time enjoying it!