Updating your Garage with One Simple Change

Your garage is where you park your vehicle, work on projects and store odds and ends. But couldn’t it be much more than that? Yes, it can. You just need to update your garage with a simple change. This simple change increases the value of your house and makes your garage more practical as well. So what is the change you can make? You’re standing on it.

The Floor 

Look down at the garage floor. Isn’t it kind of grungy and dirty. After all, it is just a cement slab collecting dirt from bike tires, oil and grease from the car and all sorts of other random spots and stains. Wouldn’t you love a new flooring on the garage that can repel stains, help you avoid slipping and reflect lighting better so it is easier to see in the garage at night (or really any time at all)? This is where you need an epoxy garage floor. It doesn’t cost much when compared to other flooring options and you don’t need to rip up what you currently have. In fact, the epoxy works with your current cement floor.

How Does the Epoxy Flooring Work

The epoxy flooring is a product you apply to the top of the cement. You’ll want the cement cleaned so there isn’t any dirt or other debris stuck to it. When the epoxy is applied, it provides the secured coating that not only protects the cement, but prevents liquids and other items from absorbing into the pores of the cement. It provides a new texture and it also allows you to change the color of the cement.

If you are looking for a bit more grip in the epoxy, that can be done as well. With the garage floor coverings, a material is spread into the epoxy that helps add as grip. This way, you don’t need to worry about walking on the floor in the middle of winter and wondering if you are going to slip on a random patch of ice. It can really look beautiful as well and break up the texture as well. After all, the cement flooring of your garage doesn’t do much. The contractors who built your home poured the cement, smoothed it out and that was it. It is right along the lines of an unfinished basement. By just making a few upgrades and improvements, you can drastically improve upon your home, the functionality of the basement and the overall value of your house, should you decide to sell.

When it comes to selling your home or just upgrading it, you need to look at all possible options. Upgrading the garage might not be the most common idea but it is an extremely practical one and it is going to help make your garage more user friendly while also increasing the value of your home on the market.