Use Epoxy On Your Deck to Give It a New Look

How many times have you had your friends over for a BBQ or football game party and been embarrassed for them to step out on your deck? Typical wooden decks can age quickly making them look old and weathered even if they are somewhat new. The elements continuously berate the wood on your porch, damaging it over time.

Most homeowners are not entirely sure how to fix this because they are unaware that they can apply to their deck. You can call your epoxy technician today to have them take a look at your porch and figure out the best way to resurface it with epoxy and improve the overall look and function of your deck.

Many homeowners also attempt to purchase an epoxy DIY kit. However, these are probably not the best way to go. One mishap with epoxy can ruin the whole job, and fixing an epoxy mistake is much more expensive than hiring a professional to do it right the first time.

So, what is the process for resurfacing a deck with epoxy? First, the installers must prep the porch for the epoxy application; this involves clearing the deck of any furniture, grills, carpets, or whatever else you have on your porch. It then needs to be thoroughly washed of any debris, dirt, or dust that has collected there. After that, your technicians will sand the deck to create a smooth surface. Then, any chips or cracks in the wood must be filled in with a compound to ensure the epoxy lays evenly across the porch. Then the deck will be rewashed, and a sealant will be applied to protect the wood. After that, your technicians will use a primer to make it ready for the epoxy application.

They will then choose the correct epoxy for your deck; they will also keep in mind your desires such as what type of finish you want, what color you want, and more. They will even have all the required tools and supplies needed to complete the job well. The technicians will then begin to create and mix the epoxy before they start the application. They will proceed to apply multiple coats to reach your desired thickness. They will then use a top coat sealant to ensure your epoxy remains protected and functional in all weather.

So, research some epoxy installation companies in Wilmington, DE to find out what company fits your needs best. Look for good reviews and testimonials in your research. Then, call up the company you chose to start your epoxy installation. You won’t regret hiring a group to complete the job for you.