Using Epoxy Coating for Other Surfaces

Epoxy has become one of the top solutions for protecting and resurfacing the concrete of garage floors. Its unrivaled durability, beautiful finishes, and long-lasting guarantee has homeowners chomping at the bit to have it installed in their own home. What many homeowners, or business owners, have not found out, is that garage epoxy can be a beautiful addition to other parts of a home or other facility.

Epoxy has the ability to cover and resurface and concrete material. Through the application, the concrete itself becomes stronger and more eye-catching. We often spend Summers on the back patio cooking up a BBQ or celebrating Independence Day. You might have a pool where family and friends come over for Summer birthday bashes and pool parties.

Hosting parties and other events can make any homeowner intensely aware of their house, and the backyard is no exception! Luckily, epoxy can help a patio go from dull and dingy to shiny and sparkling as if it should be in a Better Homes & Garden magazine.

It is best to start the epoxy application process by calling a local epoxy professional. Make sure to address all your needs and wants in the initial consultation so that your technician knows exactly what you envision. Together you can select color epoxy to match designs, finishes and other features like a non-slip coating to surround the pool.

Professional epoxy technicians will be able to complete the application the right way the first time. They can ensure you achieve your goals and love your new backyard. They may also have suggestions based on the description you give them which may be helpful and ensure your epoxy performs how you want as well as looks how you want.

Business owners should also think about where they can upgrade to epoxy. An auto repair shop may benefit from the non-slip formula. The stain resistance will also help the shop to shine with cleanliness for their customers. A hospital or other medical facility may benefit from a mix of the hypoallergenic and non-slip formulas. This way, pathogens won’t be housed or grow in the flooring of the facility and nurses can swiftly make their way to their patients without fear of falling.

There are so many ways to use epoxy to improve your home, your business, and your life. Take a look at your home or business and consider where you can upgrade your home to a sparkly, new epoxy coating. Whether it’s your garage, patio, medical facility, or auto shop, epoxy can take any building to another level of beauty and professionalism mixed with safety and functionality.