What Can Epoxy Flooring Do For Industrial Facilities

In most commercial facilities and businesses, concrete floors are essential because they are strong and tough but the downside is that they can get look dirty quickly. This might not be a problem for garages or basements but when it comes to showrooms or industrial plants where they have to abide by certain standards, it can become a problem. The solution for this problem is epoxy floor coating. Palatine has many supply stores that can offer you with different brands and types of this kind of concrete floor coating. This kind of coating will not only look magnificent but it can be easily washed and cleaned, with just a simple cleaning; it will look as good as new. You will not have to worry about re applying it because it can live for a long period of time, up to 7 years.

There are many choices for applications and colors and you will certainly find one that fits your industrial or personal needs. For example, there are special anti-skid epoxies that can be used in order to create a solid surface that is not a slipping hazard.

Normal Paint vs. Epoxy

Some people believe that paint is better because it is cheaper and can come in different colors. Paint can look nice but unlike epoxies, they are not durable and they can’t withstand the damage and the abuse that results from grit, spills and any other commercial wear. Other flooring types like tiles will also not be able to withstand that kind of abuse and they will not last for a long time. On the other hand, epoxy paint can successfully pass the test of time without any problems.

The Easy Application of Epoxy Floor Coating Naperville

The application of this kind of floor coating is quite simple and clear. Although, mixing agents and resin for hardening can be necessary in some application but users who use a 1-part epoxy will not need to do this step. Before the application of the coating, the floor should be cleaned thoroughly. Users who wish to have a better protection for the surface of the floor can add a polymer sealant on the top. As for the application itself, it can be as simple as applying a normal paint. You can also find an epoxy flooring Naperville service provide to do it for you to avoid the hassle.


The popularity of epoxy floor coating is on the rise, as it is becoming the foundation for many areas and places. It brings you the best of both worlds as it has the ability to turn the dull and boring look of concrete floors into a stylish and an elegant floor. It will not only provide a stylish look as it also provides you with high quality flooring that is durable and can withstand several elemental and industrial resistant properties. Due to all of these benefits and due to the great technology these days, this type of flooring has become the trend for the floors in garages, warehouses, showrooms, factories and industries.