What Kind of Paint Can Be Used on Concrete?

When you want to paint on concrete, you want a paint that is moisture-resistant, scuff-resistant, and all-around a good product. You are most likely looking to paint a garage floor, which is typically concrete in its plain, gray, dull color. Our garage floor epoxy paint provides exceptional protection and a beautiful finish. Floorguard provides several epoxy coatings designed to be moisture-resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about mold, mildew, cracking, and other damage. Our epoxy gives you a flexible and durable surface for a high level of protection, especially when applied over concrete paint. Unlike tiles that can come loose or paint and sealants that can peel, the fully warranted Floorguard surface is a thick, seamless system that creates an iron-like bond to concrete.

To create a floor that’s just right for your home, you can select from a variety of systems and attractive colors designed to complement fine homes of every style. When you’re looking to paint over concrete, choose Floorguard’s epoxy paint. Whether you are attempting to paint over concrete garage floors for your home or commercial business, choose the best name in the game, Floorguard. Visit us online at www.Floorguard.com to learn more about our durable and long-lasting products designed to provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction and beautiful floors.