What Lifespan Comes From Epoxy Coating?

Adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor is one of many ways with which you can improve the look and value of your home. If you decide that such a project interests you, you might wonder about how much life you can expect from a coated floor. Garage floor coating is designed to be durable and resilient, but there are factors that come into play in terms of its life span. If you understand the attributes of the type of epoxy and the application of the coating, you can make an informed decision regarding your flooring project.

An obvious factor regarding the lifespan of epoxy flooring is the quality of the product. There are types of epoxy on the market that span the entire spectrum, from cheaper products to high-end industrial epoxy. However, the type of epoxy isn’t the only thing that matters if you wants results in your garage. You must also consider how the floor is prepared and the process in which the epoxy is applied.

Preparing the floor: Epoxy coatings adhere the best to clean and smooth garage floors. The floor should be cleaned with the right products beforehand. In addition, a floor that has seen more extensive wear may need to be sanded or ground down so that it has an even surface. Cracks in the floor or chips from damage will need to be repaired before application of epoxy.

Adhesive properties: The type of epoxy is definitely a major key in the best results, but not just from the product itself. Humidity and temperatures affect how the epoxy will ultimately adhere to the surface, so certain formulas and applications will be necessary. The humidity factor translates to the floor as well, because the porous nature of concrete can absorb moisture and affect an epoxy coating.

The number of layers: A big benefit is the appearance of epoxy, but it requires more than one layer to take on that desired “shine.” It’s important that all epoxy flooring includes the right number of layers, including a topcoat. Multiple layers help the finished floor to look amazing and stay resistant to damage for much longer.

Using the garage: It’s no big secret that the garage in a house usually faces more wear and tear than other areas. Automobiles and heavy equipment kept in the garage will affect the lifespan of epoxy flooring. However, using professional services for applying the epoxy flooring will yield results that last a long time.

The “self-serve” products at home improvement stores may be tempting because of the price. However, you may not receive the results you want. Different coatings require various types of application, and it’s likely that the coating will not withstand the test of time. Instead, you should rely on the experts to take care of the job for you. Your garage floor will look great and be protected from the numerous sources of damage. In addition, you are adding real value to your household and will be able to clean your garage more easily.