When It Comes to Garage Floor Coating, Quality and Reputation Are Key

People generally know that when selecting professionals to execute your home-improvement projects, two factors really matter: first, the public reputation of the company in question, and second, the quality of that company’s work. It’s important that reputation and quality match up, since inconsistencies in a company’s public record can confuse or scare away potential new customers.

We at Floorguard want you to think prestige and quality when you think about our company. We want you to see the Floorguard sign on one of our epoxy-finished concrete floors and know that you’re standing on something special. Floorguard began in the late 1980s as many businesses begin: as a new company struggling to develop its product to perfection and rise to the top of the industry.

The company dream eventually became a reality. Floorguard® refined its self-manufactured floor products and has now been installing them in customers’ homes and businesses for decades. We respond when our customers have a problem or need additional guidance. We franchise throughout the United States and are one of the best-known organizations in the flooring industry. Our reputation and quality make the difference.

Floorguard is headquartered in Aurora, IL, located a little more than an hour from Chicago. We understand these areas are densely populated with people who own personal and commercial garages, businesses, factories, and similar infrastructure. If you need garage floor coating in Chicago or the surrounding areas, please call us. You know what you’re getting with us. You can count on it. Call Floorguard at (855) 988-4713.