Which Garage Flooring is Best for My Purposes?

Because garage flooring is a subjective topic, this question is asked all the time. There is no single answer to this question because it is such a huge investment and making the wrong decision can be extremely costly. There are three main types of garage flooring that are focused on for dependability and durability. They range greatly in price, so knowing which option is right for you will reduce the risk associated with installing your new flooring.

Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Flooring

There are many different options to complete a Do-It-Yourself garage epoxy coating on your garage floor and ensure that it is done properly. If properly installed, the epoxy flooring remains durable for at least 20 years. The space is dramatically brightened, and the surface is non-stick, which makes cleaning the surface easy and pain-free. An epoxy floor can be done in a number of color epoxy to match other surfaces and contrast can be added with flakes if you choose. Different chemical compositions provide the ability to handle various traffic loads, any necessary acid resistance, add waterproofing, or even provide the ability to oil stain the floor if you would like to now or in the future.

There are some benefits and downfalls to epoxy flooring, including the amount of work and the dry time associated with its installation. Grinding or etching the floor can be time-consuming and the dry time will depend on the type of kit you purchase. This can range from 1 service day to 3 service days, depending on the kit you use.

Roll Out Garage Mats

Roll Out Garage Mats are a great option to eliminate some of the cost associated with your garage flooring. They are the easiest to install and they can easily be trimmed with basic shop equipment. Installation can vary from between 15 to 30 minutes per mat, which is dramatically shorter than other options available. Since the only preparation needed is sweeping the floor, you can easily have your entire garage floor resurfaced in less than one business day.

Garage mats range in price but the cost will be between a tile and epoxy flooring.

Garage Tiles

Garage tiles are considered to be high end in the range of tiles. It provides a lot of the benefits garage owners are looking for from their flooring. It is quick and simple to install, and it can be installed on floors that are considered lower quality. Most tiles come with lifetime durability, so they are worth the cost associated with installation. They come in countless styles, thicknesses, and colors to suit the needs of any garage.

While the price of each of the three flooring options may be different, the purpose is the same. Improving the quality of the flooring in your garage can improve the quality of the work you are able to do in it. It also decreases the work necessary to complete clean up duties on a project basis and on a daily and weekly basis.