Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to your garage floor, you probably have a bare concrete surface that the builder put in place. Over time, the concrete is damaged by wear and tear, and it can start to look tired and worn. You can keep it looking great by investing in epoxy coatings that make the floor more attractive and durable. Before you consider using a basic paint or other type of covering, consider these benefits of epoxy flooring.

Better Bonding
Unlike paint that eventually peels, epoxy bonds permanently with concrete for a better seal. Air and water cannot get beneath the epoxy to undermine the adhesion and cause problems in the future. This permanent bond lasts longer so that you can get more years of service out of your garage floor coating.

Stain and Fade Resistant
Most substances are susceptible to sun damage, but epoxy can withstand UV damage. It’s not as likely to fade in the sunlight, so your floor will continue looking like new for years to come. The non-porous finish won’t absorb liquids, and that helps you avoid unsightly stains. If something spills on the floor, you just need to wipe it up and clean the area with a little water to keep it looking sharp.

Color Options
When you bought your home, you probably weren’t given a choice about the color of your garage or basement floor. While you may be happy with the basic gray color of concrete, you certainly don’t have to settle for that. Epoxy coatings come in an incredible range of colors. Put a lovely tan in your workshop or use a deep green for the basement floor. Make your patio more welcoming by using a blue that matches the sky on a clear, summer day. You can also choose colors that look like granite or marble if you want a more upscale finish on walkways, your garage floor or even the foyer of your business.

Easy Care
With the waterproof finish, epoxy flooring is very easy to care for. It won’t stain like concrete, peel like paint or fall apart the way some tiles will. Once the floor is swept, you just have to mop it with a damp sponge to pick up any residue. There’s no need to spend time scrubbing with degreasers or other concrete cleaners because the surface won’t absorb dirt and stains. Keeping your garage floor clean and attractive will be easier than ever before when you invest in the right coating.

There are many benefits to going with epoxy coatings. They’re far more cost-effective than decorative concrete, and you can choose from any number of decorative finishes. The surface can easily handle the weight of your car because of its iron-like bond with the concrete. It’s appropriate for garages, basements and other areas throughout your home. You’ll love the look, and you’ll love how easy it is to care for even more. If you’re tired of the basic concrete floor in your garage, then make the investment in epoxy for a more attractive and highly durable finish.