Why Epoxy is the Preferred Coating Choice

Up until a few years ago, epoxy garage coatings did not exist, or at least they were very scarce. Homeowners and business owners were not able to protect or preserve the look and function of the concrete they’d invested in. It easily cracked, shifted, and stained. They attempted to protect their floors by applying different coats of paint. However, this did not work to protect their concrete against tires, foot traffic, or oil spills. Paint would cover up stains, but after a year or two of wear, it would need to be stripped and reapplied. This process becomes costly after a couple of applications.

However, epoxy is so durable that it fills the need of a concrete protectant, eliminating paint as the optimal choice. Because concrete is permeable, any liquid can seep into its pores. Paint, unfortunately cannot prevent this from happening. Liquids can break through paint, especially if its old, and get into every crevice a concrete slab has to offer. This leads to unsightly stains that also change the color of the paint that was applied.

Water is the number one liquid to blame in the ruining of concrete floors. While it may not lead to an ugly stain, it can absorb into concrete and freeze under the right conditions. When this happens, concrete can begin to crack and break due to the excess pressure. This may lead to uneven and hazardous concrete conditions. While paint can prevent these things from happening, after a few months of wear and tear, almost all protection from the paint is gone.

This is why if you choose to protect your concrete with paint, you’ll find yourself reapplying it very soon. It is also quite difficult to maintain because paint is very hard to clean without damaging. Just the right amount of pressure using a pressure washer will work just fine, however one notch up may chip and ruin your paint.

Luckily, nowadays homeowners do not have to worry about dealing with the cost and maintenance of a painted concrete floor. Epoxy is now available to the market and can provide a strong, durable, and long-lasting concrete protection solution at a reasonable price. Call your local epoxy technician today. Together you’ll be able to survey the area you are looking to protect and help customize the epoxy coating to your needs. You can choose from a range of formulas and colors to turn any concrete floor into another beautiful feature of your home.