Why Use a Garage Floor Epoxy as Opposed to Other Methods?

There are areas of a home that truly take the brunt of the wear and tear that comes with living in a house. The top area that begins to show such signs of aging and usage is most definitely the garage. This is especially true for those who park their cars in the garage, use the garage for hobbies and work on vehicles inside of the garage as most of us do. In fact, many view the garage as an extra room of the home and thus it gets used a lot and between vehicles moving in and out all the time and the drips, spills and stains that can come with working in a garage; many opt for a garage floor epoxy coating to restore life to the flooring.

The reason many use garage floor epoxy is that it coats the floor of the garage and provides a barrier of protection as the epoxy does not absorb oil, spills and stains as concrete and other garage flooring does which causes those garage floors to look soiled and stained. The application of the epoxy, and once dry, provides that extra level of protection for the floor as anyone who has ever had to have a garage floor replaced can attest to the fact the project is costly, lengthy and truly inconvenient for the homeowner.

Though a garage floor epoxy layer does help to protect the floor underneath; the epoxy coated floor itself still needs to be routinely cleaned and maintained so it always looks good and helps to extend the life of the epoxy and the floor itself. This is why the right tools and techniques need to be used for cleaning epoxy and that alone is reason enough to bring in professionals who are accustomed to working with such materials. Though many can maintain the floor on their own from time to time by brushing away and sweeping up loose dirt and debris from the floor; when the time comes for a deeper cleaning job it is best left in the hands of those who can help ensure the epoxy will not be compromised, chipped or cracked due to the deep cleaning process.

The top solution to get a deep down clean for a garage floor is through pressure washing. It is when the right team of professionals handles such a job that everything is cleaned just right and floor looks its absolute best in the end. Far too many people have ruined or destroyed floors, exterior siding and other areas of the home simply by attempting to pressure wash on their own without truly understanding how powerful that stream of water can be. It requires the right touch, skills and tactics to get the floor clean in the right way and to ensure nothing is damaged in the process. There really is no better way than to use a certified pressure washing specialist to handle the job. Simply having the right machine is not enough as it is that trained and experienced pressure washing specialist that can make sure the job is done right.