Why You Should Consider an Epoxy Floor Covering in Your Garage This Fall

Fall stands just around the corner, and many people are trying to figure out where to spend their home improvement dollars. Garage floor coverings made from epoxy can be a sound investment that will keep a floor in good shape for many years. This translates into more dollars for the home owner for other projects in the long run, because he doesn’t have to replace your flooring.
Absorbing Spills, Goo, and Other Mishaps

As we mentioned in another blog post, one of the chief benefits of considering epoxy garage floor coverings is that your floor can absorb more wear and tear. Let’s face it. A home’s garage gets not only a lot of traffic — no pun intended — but it’s often rough traffic.

We repair cars and bikes in the garage, accidentally scrape the floor when we pull our hockey sticks down from the attic, and even drop tools on the fllor. An epoxy coating will create a shock absorber of sorts for these types of eventualities. It does this by adding layers to the floor surface, not only in the form of a primer (usually), but then also in the form of several coats of the epoxy.

The reality of the matter is, anything that a person does to his garage floor is probably not going to be nearly as bad as what some commercial outfits do to their floors. Epoxy is regularly put down in airplane hangers as well as industrial plants. If these floors remain in tiptop shape after a flooring treatment, a home owner can be assured that his garage floor will also remain intact.

The Resale Value

A worthy corollary to mention alongside of this is the fact that grease spills and other unintentional sins get cleaned up much quicker. This keeps the floor looking good. This motivation isn’t only for cosmetic reasons, either. Although many homeowners aren’t thinking about selling their homes when they make home improvements, these additions add value to their house. Curb appeal, it’s sometimes called, and it’s not just outside the house. A garage that has a shining floor without blemishes will appeal to potential home buyers. They know upon seeing epoxy garage floor coverings that they won’t have to do repairs in the garage.

Options for Flooring

Although epoxy flooring is very often applied to the floors of industrial businesses, it can actually be quite lovely. Yes, it can take on the high shine of a polished wood or even a metallic finish worthy of an industrial-style loft in the big city. However, it’s also possible to replicate a stone floor pattern such as granite with an epoxy floor covering. While most people may not think of beautifying their garage floors in the same way they would other floors in their homes, there’s really no reason not to.


Adding floor epoxy to a garage floor can keep it beautiful and blemish-free for many years. Although it may not be the first home improvement task that people think of when they’re considering their fall improvements, it actually makes a great deal of financial sense. It prevents serious “injuries” to a floor and also makes a floor more attractive to potential home buyers.