Yearly Spring Cleaning is Not Always Needed

Most everyone knows too well what the term, spring cleaning, means. Spring is the time of year when many things are able to be cleaned up after a hard winter. The best thing that I always liked about spring cleaning was the opportunity to find ways to clean so that next year there was much less to do. For example, the great job of application for a special floor covering in our garage by a epoxy flooring Philadelphia PA professional.

Winter in 2013 was the worst that our area of Pennsylvania had ever seen. There were oil and cooling system leaked fluids all over the floor of our three car garage. Technicians specializing in epoxy flooring Philadelphia PA came and gave us a quote to end our annual garage flooring cleaning battles once and for all.

After they cleaned the floor, better than it had ever been cleaned before, they were ready to apply a special epoxy floor covering that ended the need for garage floor cleaning anymore. It is hard to believe, but it is true. We have now gone through another winter, 2014. It also was a record breaker. We were anxious to see what had happened with that great epoxy covering on our garage floor. All it took to clean up this year was a quick once over with a damp mop.

With an epoxy covering on a hard surface floor, you can just forget about worrying anymore. We even had an old bottle of HCL fall off a shelf and break open on the floor. We worried that this spring the beautiful shine of the new epoxy coated floor would have been ruined in that very spot. After the once over with the mop, we could not even locate the spot where the bottle had broken open on the floor.

It did take some discussion, with a few family meetings before we decided to see how that type of floor would work out for us. There are so many reasons why having epoxy on a garage, or workspace floor is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

In the end, it turned out the only thing difficult about deciding to have this type of floor covering in our garage was choosing the color. There were quite a few color choices to make a choice from. We are so pleased with the way the epoxy coating has stood up to one of our harsh winters, we are planning for later this year to have the same type of epoxy floor covering put on our basement floor bya trained epoxy flooring Philadelphia PA professional.